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Pinterest tips to get more blog traffic

If used properly, Pinterest can provide tons of blog traffic to your blog.

To make it work for you, I have included my tried and tested tips in this post.

So, let’s get started.

Consistency is the key

If you want to drive a consistent amount of blog traffic from Pinterest, you need to be consistent on Pinterest as well.

I have noticed that Pinterest favors those who are active and regular on it.

Pin at least 20 times a day on Pinterest, this can be your pins or others.

Also, make sure that you pin on a different topic for example along with saving blogging pins like on affiliate or email marketing, also pin on healthy eating and lunch recipes or even home decor.

Now you might be thinking that my blog niche is blogging and why should I pin on food and home decor.

The idea here is to attract your targeted audience but you also need to pin trending topics to boost your Pinterest profile.

By doing so your profile will become popular and will achieve a higher audience reach plus you will gain more followers.

So, after doing all these when you pin next time, your pin will reach even more people than before.

This is the way your profile growth can be boosted and whenever you will pin, your audience reach will keep on making new peaks.

However, pinning like crazy on one day and the next day nothing won't work, so try to evenly distribute your pin over the whole week.

Be regular and active.

Another thing is that you also need to follow other pinners on Pinterest regularly.

Following other users will increase your followers and in turn, will boost your audience reach.

I know many bloggers think that having a high number of followers has nothing to do with Pinterest boosting your profile, and I do agree.

But the idea to increase your follower count is because, if for example, somebody follows you then any pin saved by you will be shown in her follower tab as well as in her home feed.

This means that more followers you have, more home feed and follower tabs you will show up in.

I would recommend not to get crazy to get followers, just follow other pinners regularly and your follower count will grow eventually.

Pinterest loves fresh

I have noticed recently that after pinning fresh pin to certain of my boards, the next time I pin something else on that same boards, those pins tend to get more impressions.

So, to have a boost on your Pinterest traffic you need to create fresh pins as much as you can.

I generally create a bunch of pins for multiple posts on weekend and then pin those one by one on relevant boards.

This will indicate Pinterest that these boards are the ones getting fresh pins and as a result whatever new pins are saved to it next, will gain boost.

Also, Fresh pins do not mean new blog posts only, it can be any new image you create for your old posts too.

In short, that images should be something that you haven’t pinned to your Pinterest ever before, irreverent whether the post it is linking to is new or old.


Long before when I was using Pinterest there was no idea of hashtags.

Even if you searched for hashtags in search bar it will just take it like you are searching for some keywords.

But lately, Pinterest has introduced hashtags.

As a result, whenever you save a pin with any hashtag and then when you search for it in the search bar, you pin will be at the top, provided the context of your pin matches the hashtag you used.

This is a brand new and most effective way to increase your Pinterest traffic.

Whenever pinning your posts, include one main theme hashtag and two specific ones like for affiliate post include #blogging along with #affiliatemarketing and #makemoneyblogging.

This way your pin description won't look spammy.

Order of pinning

When saving new pins, make sure you pin it to the most relevant boards first.

Reason being that whenever a new pin is saved on Pinterest, the board it is saved to will be used to create the context of that pin.

Meaning if you pin a blog traffic pin to “Pinterest traffic tips” board then Pinterest will understand that this pin is related to Pinterest traffic.

Once Pinterest gets this idea, it will show it to users searching for Pinterest traffic and others who generally save “Pinterest traffic” related pins.

Also to note here is that context of your board is defined by content you save to it.

For example, in the “Pinterest traffic tips” board if the majority of the pins are of affiliate marketing then whatever you pin next to that board will be given the context of affiliate marketing instead of Pinterest traffic tips.

Scary right?

But since the number of pins and amount of boards are so huge that your new pin can be easily assumed to be of the wrong topic by Pinterest.

To avoid this you need to have high-quality niche boards containing related pins only.

So first clean up all your boards and whenever saving new pin, make sure you pin it to most relevant board first and then to next relevant like for blog traffic post, the order could be Pinterest traffic tips, then blog traffic tips and then blogging tips.

After you have added it to all of your boards then save it to your relevant group boards.

Group boards

Many bloggers think that group boards are not of much use.

But to me, it works great, and it will work for you too if you use it strategically.

For me, I have saved my pins to niche group boards as well as open to all niche, general type group boards too.

To make group boards work for you, you need to try them all out.

I know it might sound like too much effort but then the benefit it will give is huge too.

I generally get on a few group boards and then I save pins to it regularly.

After some time of being on those group boards, I check my analytics to see which is performing best for me.

So the next step obviously will be to leave the least performing one.

The thing with the group boards is that it all depends upon the activity of the board members.

Like there might be a huge group board with tons of contributors but all being active and saving high-quality pins then the performance will be good.

There might be other niche group boards but the members are not active and as a result, you pin will not get much boost.

So you need to try each one out and keep those that are working for you. Try a few group boards with niche related to yours and few, open to all niche boards.

But using group boards to get a traffic boost is a must, especially for newbies.

When to pin

The timing of your pinning routine does affect the audience's reach a lot.

As you know that there is the follower tab in which you can check what new pins were saved by those you follow.

This tab is on a last on the top basis, meaning if I pin after you pin then my pin will come on top, given few exceptions.

So time at which you pin your post does matter a lot to Pinterest.

Because your followers will be following not only you but many others.

So if you pin early than the time at which your followers are most active then you pins will be lost in the bottom and if you pin late then your pin will be at the top but your followers are long gone.

You need to pin at the exact time when your followers are online on Pinterest.

The same thing goes in group boards too, you pin too early and other members won't see your pin and if you pin late then they are long gone and next day when they come back, your pin will be pressed down by pin from other bloggers of that day.

So now the question arises is that how can you estimate when your readers are most active.

For this, you need to check your google analytics and see at what time your blog is most visited and this will give you a rough estimate.

Now you might be thinking that is it worth all this trouble to pin when your followers are most active, won't your pin will be shown by Pinterest to others on another time.

Well, the answer is that Pinterest will show your pin to your followers and other users at another time.


The thing with Pinterest is that whenever you save a pin, it will check in how much time after it was saved is there any engagement with the pin(engagement can be re-share or closeup or commenting).

If you pin at the same time your followers are active, your new pin will have high engagement in a short period, rest I think you know what Pinterest will think about this pin.

Yes! This will make your pin go viral because as soon as pin landed on Pinterest there is huge engagement and due to this Pinterest will try to give it more impressions.

That’s the reason timing matters a lot on Pinterest.

Try to estimate when your blog readers are most active and pin in the exact period to gain maximum reach.

Manual pinning

Pinterest loves those that are actively present on it.

When your account is just new you need to do manual pinning to gain more reach.

Reason being that all the boards that you have created recently have no context linked to it.

And for Pinterest saving a pin from the outside like using a scheduler is not equal to doing a re-save within Pinterest. While the former will be counted as a new pin, the latter will be a re-share.

When you first create your account Pinterest will know nothing about what your main topic of interest is and the different boards that you created belongs to what niche.

Also, the engagement counts of each of your boards will be very less.

That’s why when you do manual pinning, each pin you save is giving context to each of your boards as well as to your profile.

Just be active on Pinterest and do manual pinning from other board or follower tab or home feed.

Pinterest favors those that are actively present on the Pinterest platform and you should take advantage of this, especially when you have just recently created your Pinterest account.

Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is a visual search engine and like any other search engine to make it on top of all you need to perform SEO.

Meaning that your profile, your boards, and even your pins need to be SEO optimized.

Without SEO all the tips I mentioned in this post will not be able to give you enough boost, so I strongly recommend you to follow my post on Pinterest For Bloggers



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